ANTI-GEL DIESEL is an anti-icing additive for improving the low temperature properties of diesel fuel.  Compatible with all types of diesel fuel. The additive lowers the crystallisation threshold of diesel fuel by 10°C. Does not change the basic properties of fuel. Facilitates low-temperature engine start. Usage: add to fuel tank before every filling. 355 ml of Anti-Gel Diesel is sufficient for 300 litres of fuel. Fuel additive mixing ratio is 1:1000. ATTENTION! The additive freezes in cold conditions and works only when mixed with diesel fuel. Store at temperatures above 0°C. Product becomes solid and non-fluid when freezing. Addable to fuel only in liquid condition! Recommended for regular application. Avoid contact of contents with exposed parts of the body and eyes. May cause skin irritation. Do not inhale. Keep out of reach of children! Exp.: 5 years from production date under conditions of storage rules keeping. MFD: look at the packaging.

Volumen: 355ml

Código de barras: 9120106955989